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Sunday, August 28, 2011

how to root samsung galaxy pop

hi all

I tried rooting for galaxy pop using oneclick root method and it worked out.

Let me tell u how..

Firstly, u take a pc windows enabled(logon to administrator settings without which u cant operate)

download samsung kies latest version from official website (Click here)

Install it for drivers

download superoneclick.exe into ur sdcard

Allow debugging

connect to pc

run superoneclick after pop got connected to pc

click on "root"

u will see ur fone is rooted

now remove connection and reboot the fone

careful while rebooting

switch off ur fone

and on holding the "menu" button, you will find an option to reboot, etc.,
select reboot and ur fone is rooted...

now download rootchecker busybox from market and operate..

hope it will help u

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