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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

how to setup a google voice account in android

How to setup google voice in android phone:
Gone nuts?
Go to cyber cafe
Install hotsheild vpn.
Open it to find accessed by us* server.
Register gv account with ur gmail.
Ya half registered....
Really oops....
As u want a us* number to register gv.,

Try tollfreeforwarding* number to ur mail.. May be only once .... Else try callcentric* or sipbri*...
Else if after u got us number.. Try register in gv, it will ring ur us* number.. Enter the code u see it on monitor(hope so) ..

Now u can ring the registered phone using gv numbr

Else else if :


Access my gv. Account

>email id:
Email me for password from ur gmail id

Or else if
You got gv. Account.. U can configure your android-

Download google voice from market and login..
Download sipdroid(hopefully non market)
You will find setup pbxes* automatically to gv..
It will be automatically registered and u can dial gv number in 1 min.

* is seriouslly illegal to sell google voice number.. So i am giving it for free..

Caution: if u uninstall or change password in sipdroid.. U r gonecase again..
But u have a remedy .. Go to login and go to extensions, and then sipdroid-200: change the three charecter password and then save... Afterthat u have to click the red label appearing on top after satting pbxes password in Now download csipsimple" with changed password as sipdroid has some bugs and is riskyy....

Hope it might help u.......

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